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Not Your Average Chinese Food

Come experience all of the delicious flavors of authentic Asian cuisine.

From lunch specials to dinner and sushi, we have something for everyone!

Join us inside and stay a while!

Authentic Asian Cuisine






Try Our New Sushi Rolls

New Classic Rolls

Tuna Avocado - $7.50

Spicy White Tuna - $7.75

White Tuna Roll - $6.25

Salmon Avocado - $6.95

Spicy Salmon - $7.50

Yellowtail w/ Jalapeno - $6.25

Spicy Crabmeat Roll - $6.25

Chicken Tempura Roll - $6.25

Cucumber Roll - $4.25

Avocado Cucumber Roll - $4.75

Mango Avocado - $4.75

Peanut Avocado - $4.75

Tofu Skin Avocado - $4.75

A.A.C. - $4.75

New Chef Special Rolls

Do the Mango Roll - $14.95

Inside there is shrimp tempura and avocado, with mango on top, eel sauce and a special mango sauce

Green River Roll - $12.95

Inside there is kani (crab), avocado and asparagus, with seaweed salad on top

Magic Roll - $13.95

Spicy salmon on the inside, with tuna, yellowtail, eel, avocado, tobiko, and tempura flakes and eel sauce on top

American Dream Roll - $14.95

Rock shrimp tempura on the inside with spicy crab, and lobster salad on top, and topped with spicy mayo


Butterfly Roll - $12.95

Mango lobster salad and avocado, wrapped with soybean paper and rice, topped with mango sauce

New Sushi Rolls
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